U.: Recorded at the same studio as The CD, as a revenge. The title track is a quotation from the great ironic novel of the '30s, "12 Chairs" by Ilf and Petrov. The main character's proverb is "I'm gonna command the parade", and what I say is "I'm not gonna command the parade", meaning I won't take part in the "Russian rock" games. "Silver headliners of wooden festivals, massage at night, vitamin in the morning, artificial church stands for artificial paradise - Let anybody command the parade but me". We still had no regular band, so we recorded with two line-ups: one of Moscow (featuring "Kovcheg"'s rhythm section, signed as M) and another of Petersburg, with whom we used to jam there (signed as P).

Umka & Bro
To Command The Parade

  1. To Command The Parade (M), 1998 MPEG3
  2. A Problem Of Fun (P), 1998 MPEG3
  3. Raskolnikov (P), 1986 MPEG3
  4. Reggae In Law And Order (P), 1998 MPEG3
  5. I'm Nobody's (P), 1995 MPEG3
  6. The Hurricane Song (P), 1998 MPEG3
  7. Answering Mashine Woman (M), 1998 MPEG3
  8. Upbringing Song (P), 1987-1998 MPEG3
  9. Like Everybody Else (M), 1997 MPEG3
  10. No Hurry (M), 1998 MPEG3
  11. Gas Station (M), 1996 MPEG3
  12. The Road Has Come (P), 1998 MPEG3
  13. Little Fox (Spartan Song) (M), 1996 MPEG3
  14. When I Was A Little Boy (M), 1987 MPEG3
  15. Oinky-Rock (P), 1987 MPEG3
  16. Every Day Like The Last One (P), 1997 MPEG3
  17. Life For Sugar (M), 1998 MPEG3
  18. I Want More (M+Ivan), 1998 MPEG3
  19. Bearded Girl (M), 1996 MPEG3

Umka - songs*, voice, sometimes guitar
Boris Kanunnikov - guitars, voice (1, 4, 10), whistle (19)
Vovka Kozhekin - harp
Pasha Pichugin - keyboards (M)
Ivan Zhuk - keyboards (P), rhythm guitar (4), guitar (7)
Mikhail Trofimenko - bass (M)
Vladimir Gerasimenko - bass (P)
Boris Markov - drums (M)
Fedor Mashenjinov - drums (P)
Sergei Letov - sax
Choir: Umka, Mikhail, Boris K.. (17), Pasha (18), Boris M., Kovriga (18)
(*9 - with V. Orsky)

Recorded on MMS Studios (Moscow) in October-November, mixed in December 1998 by Oleg Klishin and Pavel Sverchkov. The Boss - Oleg Kovriga. Artwork by Michel Bannikov. Photos by P.Haritonov, P.Mudrenov, D.Baidrakov and others. Computer support by J. Andrey Manuhin, Alexander Kalagov. Design by D. Dziuba and Umka

Otdelenie Vykhod and Bro :) 1998. All rights allegedly reserved

Dedicated to Rolling Stones' visit to the Soviets, if you know what I mean