U.: Recorded by ourselves (M.T. was the one to push the knobs and at the same time play the bass) in "Kovcheg"'s rehearsal studio in the basement of a big Moscow plant (once more, literally underground). Another word play: "Dandelion Wine" is a famous novel, and changing one letter we get "movie" (in Russian: "vino" turns into "kino"). It was how B.K. called our life at friends' pads, where you had to be very noiseless, especially at night. For this CD, I had two different types of songs: mild psychedelic things and some hard rocking stuff. To put them together, I thought of the track sequence as a story of my life, and it seemed to work. The song "Dead Head" is something opposite to the "deadhead" thing: it's about my head being dead inside. "Sing it yourself, if you want it, I've nothing to say any more". And the next one comes as a hurricane: "Your life's passed me by like a car, with all your schedules and plans, vacations and jobs.. I'm the working class of a non-existent country, get out with your trade unions, pass me by pass me by pass me by.." It's always a great upper for me to do this one onstage. The release show of "DM" turned out to be one of our biggest shows ever. With some friends' help, we booked a big cinema theater and played, entrance free, for more than a thousand. I was thrilled: I'd never thought we could be SO big. And we gave away a whole box of cassettes.

Umka & Bro
Dandelion Movie

  1. Great Pan Is Dead (1986) MPEG3
  2. Heads Off (1987) MPEG3
  3. Quiet Hunt MPEG3
  4. Sounds In Your Head MPEG3
  5. Dead Head MPEG3
  6. Passing Me By MPEG3
  7. Fucking And Weeping (Male Song) MPEG3
  8. Show Business (Intro) MPEG3
  9. Show Business MPEG3
  10. Nothing (1995) MPEG3
  11. Dandelion Movie (1995) MPEG3
  12. Dark Waters

Songs by Umka (3, 4, 12 - with Boris K.), Boris K. (11). Music by Umka & Bro

Umka - voice, guitar
Boris Kanunnikov - guitar, voice (4, 7, 9)
Mikhail Trofimenko - bass, voice (7, 9)
Ivan Zhuk - keyboards
Boris Markov - drums, voice (9)
Igor Oistrakh - harp (9)
J. - percussion (10)

Recorded by Mikhail Trofimenko in 2000, except 10 and 11. "Nothing" (10) - live at "Forpost" club, sound by Alexey "Disaster" Zinoviev, May 19. "Dandelion Movie" (11) recorded by Boris K. in Sevastopol (Krimea), 1995. Mixed by Ian Survillo (Studio MYM) and Bro (May-June). Mastering by E.Gapeev and I.Survillo (June). Artwork by Roman Furman. Photos by D.Baidrakov, P.Mudrenov, P.Haritonov, Umka. Design by D.Dziuba and Umka

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