U.: Recorded in the "Meteor" basement. Almost all the songs are new, and I'm really fond of them. It's a pity you don't understand Russian, you'd have much more fun. That summer, the band spent much time in Sevastopol. We all lived at B.K.'s place, near the Victory park all cypresses and lavender; 15 minutes through it, and you are at the rocky seaside and into the warm sea. It was right there where some of the songs came to my head. Sevastopol is a strange place, combining the beauty of nature and the old town with the ugliness of late Soviet cement blocks and the remains of cement Soviet mentality. We've tried our best to have real wild fun for everybody just booking the open air stage on the central boulevard and playing there for free, on a rented gear. The response was fantastic. One of the friends suggested to call the new CD "Victory Park", and it turned out to be even more witty because the metro station in Moscow near "Meteor" is also called "Victory Park". (Actually, you may find one in every Soviet town).

Umka & Bro
Victory Park

  1. Closed For The War MPEG3
  2. On The Fly (1996)
  3. Before The 3rd End MPEG3
  4. Done And Out MPEG3
  5. Oh China (1995)
  6. The Guard Got Tired MPEG3
  7. White Owl
  8. Thinking Provocation
  9. Run With Me (1986)
  10. Mystery Town
  11. Nursery Countdown
  12. Circles On The Water MPEG3
  13. The Dragonfly And The Ant

Songs by Umka, music by Umka & Bro

Umka - voices, sometimes guitar
Boris Kanunnikov - guitars, sometimes voice
Mikhail Trofimenko - bass
Boris Markov - drums

Recorded on 11/3 - 11/6 2003 with a help of A.Kalagov and his computer. Mixing, mastering, keyboards, overdub recording - Ian Survillo (MYM), November - December 2003. Artwork by Roman Furman. Photos by Olga Habarova, Andrey Matveevsky. Design by Dima Shinkarev and Umka

Otdelenie Vykhod & Bro :) 2003. All rights allegedly reserved