Umka and Boris
Push & Pull in Portland

  1. Double Espresso, Small
  2. I've Been Always With My People
  3. Mole Hole
  4. Kerouac
  5. 600
  6. Passing Out
  7. Freedom Ass Backwards
  8. California
  9. Nursery Countdown MPEG3
  10. Beginning From The End
  11. Ordinary People, Almost Forty
  12. The Dragonfly And The Ant MPEG3
  13. Dear Passengers MPEG3
  14. (Talking)
  15. Voice Is My Home MPEG3
  16. Poor Fool
  17. Play Your Games
  18. Great Pan Is Dead
  19. Brother Frank
    Bonus tracks:
  20. Kamikadze
  21. I Cheated Myself (With You) MPEG3
  22. Dark Waters
  23. Farewell

Umka: songs, vocals, guitar
Boris: guitar, vocals
Recorded live by Eric Lovre and Jeremy Wilson in Submarine/Mastanmusic Studio,
Portland, OR, May 6th 2005
Mixed by Eric Lovre
Artwork and sweet home: Nicholsloy Studio (San & Dave)
Photo and driving: Yuri Pragin
Design: Pavel Morozevich and Umka
2006 Bronevik & Otdelenie Vykhod
All rights allegedly reserved
Every fence must have a hole