U.: or maybe Mole's Hole: in Russian there's one word for both, "hod". Up to this day, one of our favorites, never mind the poor technical quality. Recorded partly at Alexey Denisov's home studio, drums and keyboards overdubbed later. The Grateful Dead was my everything for me those days, as you can hear it. "Peacedeath Station" is mostly B.K.'s song, mine is only the second verse. In Russian, "pizdets" is a common dirty word meaning "fucking great" or "everything's lost", depending on the situation. "There's a Pizdets Station on every line, and if you reached it you're just fine". Understand it as you like it. "Bim or Bom" is about being very high and still not dying, "'cause I've got no skill of dying yet, and it's so boring in this golden heaven". "Bim or Bom", something from a nursery rhyme, sounds here like heaven bells ringing. The trick of gluing the tracks together with some non-music sounds was of course no news, but a great fun for us. We used it once more in "Stash"; as for me, I'd be happy to make it every time, on every record, I enjoy it so. "MM" was our first CD with a really available price; the next ones were already printed for the band's money and sold in the shows.

Umka & Bro
Mole's Move

  1. Double Espresso, Small MPEG3
  2. Peacedeath Station MPEG3
  3. So Far Away MPEG3
  4. Mole Hole MPEG3
  5. Indian Summer MPEG3
  6. Bim or Bom* MPEG3

Umka - voice, guitar (1, 4)
Boris Kanunnikov - guitars, voice (2)
Mikhail Trofimenko - bass, mandoline (2)
Boris Markov - drums
Ivan Zhuk - keyboards
J. - bongos (1)
Songs by Umka, music by Umka & Bro

Recorded by Alexey Denisov and Alexander Kalagov, Moscow, Summer and Fall 1999. Mixed by Ian Survillo (MYM Records) and Bro, Winter 1999. Artwork by Roman Furman. Photos by Umka and others. Logo by Vovka Orsky. Design by J.

* Recorded live in The Zoo, St.Petersburg, Sept. 1998 (Umka - voice, guitar; Boris Kanunnikov - guitar; Ivan Zhuk - keyboards; Vladimir Gerasimenko - bass; Fedor Mashendjinov - drums)

Otdelenie Vykhod & Bro :) 1999. All rights allegedly reserved. Every fence must have a hole

So Far Away

ooh so far away
perhaps already nowhere
ooh so far away
and perhaps already nowhere
never ending miles of cold-hearted snow
disembodied white flow

gets mixed with the sky
and doesn't want to melt in spring
oh, so far away that perhaps already a dream
time is devoured by miles and miles of eternal snow
disembodied white glow

ooh far away
so incredibly far away
glances fly like bullets without aim
there is no you
there is no me
there is nobody
and the earth gets frozen to the sky

Mole Hole

I've never thought of any big goal
I was only moving digging, digging the hole
like a mole
digging a hole
just a little mole digging, digging, digging my hole

now, sand in my mouth, I look around
too bright the light
too loud the sound
so strange to be overground
I don't really like it
wonder what it's all about

I'll close the door
return to my night
to roll my own movie in black and white
out of sight
it's nice to be out of sight
wait 'til I get back
and tell you what's wrong and right

don't you feel the world is losing control?
somebody's burrowing from pole to pole
just a mole
digging a hole
just a little mole digging through rock and coal

I've never thought of any big goal
I was only moving digging, digging a hole
like a mole
digging a hole
just a little mole digging, digging, digging my hole