U.: All the song were new; I was so happy to have them in my head again! The first half was recorded in the same basement, in winter; the second, written later, was recorded in summer at Ian's place. "Rock'n'roll" was recorded just at home (we could afford to rent a flat already, together with two or three friends), on a cassette tape recorder. The second guitar on this CD is Denis Dudoladov, B.K.'s old pal from Sevastopol, who lived and played with us for two years. In summer, B.M. was not in town, and I was eager to complete the recording immediately, so we asked another guy from "Kovcheg" to play percussion. The first half was obviously better; in the sleeve notes I just pretended there were two sides of a vinyl LP: the "winter" and the "summer" ones. The little noises between the tracks are my favorite, I like them better than the songs themselves, no kidding. To record the voice of the railroad dispatcher, Gapeev of the "Vykhod" went to the Kursky railway station, and to record the train passing by, he had to stand near the railway for an hour. No photos inside the cover (as I was bald-headed like Phantomas), but Furman drew a whole story of a multi-headed creature looking for its stash hidden somewhere in its flat; at the end, it finds the stash, and it's "nothing left to do but shmile shmile shmile", much the same as in the last track, "Sometimes Not Here". "Sometimes not here always not bad, you run away partly and you come back; you don't say a word, don't need no words, climbing high above the roofs". To record the first and the last of the noises, Denis specially went to Ian's studio with our (actually, the flat owner's) old alarm clock.

Umka & Bro

Side A (The Winter One)

  1. Metronome
  2. Too Late To Be Cured
  3. To Fall From The Hill MP3
  4. Rootless Tree MP3
  5. Penguins And Seals MP3

Side B (The Summer One)

  1. You Belong To Nobody MP3
  2. Stash MP3
  3. Dear Passengers
  4. Rock'N'Roll
  5. Heaven's Door
  6. Sometimes Not Here

Songs by Umka, music by Umka & Bro

Umka - voice, guiter (6,8,9,10), whistling (7)
Boris Kanunnikov - guitars, voice (3, 7, 8)
Denis Dudoladov - rhythm-guitar (2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11), voice (7, 8, 9)
Mikhail Trofimenko - bass
Igor Oistrakh - harp (8)
Boris Markov - drums (1-5), percussion (4)
Seva Koroluk - drums (7, 11)
Keyboards on "Penguins.." - Umka, Boris K., Ian

Recorded by Oleg Burobin. Mixed by I. Survillo and Bro. Mastering by I. Survillo, E. Gapeev. Artwork by R. Furman. Computer support by Tim Wizard, A.Kalagov, J.A.Manuhin. Special thanks to M.Bykov, F.Dasaev, P.Dolganov, D.Konovalov, D.Ivanov, M.Zebarev, A.Malyshev, S.Nikolaev, D.Orlov, S.Selivanov, S.Spitsin

Otdelenie Vyhod & Bro :) 2001. All rights allegedly reserved