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I Was Always With My People

                      Everything Goes As It Goes

                      Hello, how you doing, my friend
                      How's the flat you manage to rent
                      Do you feel entropy's close
                      Everything goes as it goes

                      The headache is such a bore
                      Time is 2 p.m. or more
                      No time left for anything
                      No time to play or sing

                      Everything goes as it goes...

                      If you see a bag stand alone
                      Nobody seems to own
                      Stay away, expecting the worst
                      No one's bags are ready to burst

                      If a man, in misery and pain
                      Is lying under snow and rain
                      Stay away, leave him for the night
                      Maybe he is feeling all right

                      Everything goes as it goes...

                      Meeting death on its way
                      Submarine turns into a grave
                      Learning the news, by its turn
                      The TV tower begins to burn

                      Yesterday, I've heard in the crowd
                      The Kursky Station fell through the ground
                      From now on, as says every mouth
                      No more trains will go to the South

                      Everything goes as it goes...

                      Get Lost You Bitch

                      I had a nightmare I could stand no more
                      Cheap wine and vodka in every store

                      Get lost you bitch, fuck off and die
                      I can't stand it, won't tell you why

                      I saw a nightmare I could not bear
                      Weed plantation on the Gagarin Square

                      Get lost you bitch, fuck off and die
                      I can't stand it, won't tell you why

                      I had a nightmare I couldn't see
                      In every drugstore opium for free

                      Get lost you bitch, fuck off and die
                      I can't stand it, don't ask me why

                      And then I woke up, beat and worn
                      My shirt all patches, my jeans all torn
                      Switched on the TV and let out a scream:
                      Oh I'm so happy it was just a dream!

                      Voice Is My Home

                      I saw a dream of the hills so dark
                      Distant dog barking distant bark
                      Abandoned church with a roof destroyed
                      Bats in the corners, transparent void

                      Four moons rolling in the deep blue skies
                      Dark blue forest in the distant lies
                      Star shine coming through the roof destroyed
                      Freedom of the night, transparent void

                      Take away my home but leave me my voice
                      Voice is my place, voice is my choice

                      Voice is my home, voice is my pal
                      Voice is my heaven, voice is my bell
                      Voice is my thunder, voice is my Dome
                      Voice is my brother, voice is my home

                      Sometimes i dream of nighttime towns
                      Among the houses I find my house
                      It may be the place where I was born
                      I lived here with someone, but no return

                      Yesterday's life's no more to be shared
                      Strange old woman in a dirty chair
                      Dust in the corners, a squeaky porch
                      Bats and rats, an abandoned church

                      Take away my home (etc)

                      Fish Of Glass

                      My footsteps are so light and weak
                      I feel myself so mild and meek
                      I feel so easy as I pass
                      I feel myself a tube of glass

                      The wind is whistling through my bones
                      The crowd is leaving me alone
                      The cloud of people around me spins
                      They are afraid of needles and pins

                      So narrow is my path to step
                      I've got little horns under my cap
                      I've got little hoofs in my boots
                      To scare the cops and other dudes

                      I feel myself a leave of grass
                      I feel myself a fish of glass
                      So light to pass, so hard to catch
                      I feel myself a burning match


                      Oh my friend
                      When we wake up in the end
                      On the beach of California, then
                      I'll hand you a handful of sand
                      But now just wait
                      Here at night
                      We'll share one cigarette's light
                      And flying high as a kite
                      Oh you will hold me tight

                      But later on
                      Time will pass
                      The light will be too small to last
                      And the room will be the thing to pass
                      Destroyed by a mighty fire

                      And passing by
                      Bells will ring
                      And we'll remember: life's a dream
                      And the water will be so green
                      And the dream will be forever seen

                      la la la la
                      la la la
                      In California by the sea
                      And the dream is so clear and free
                      Forever for you and me
                      Loving Way

                      When you walk loving way
                      Is it loving away
                      To & fro
                      Round the clock night and day
                      Always ready to stay
                      Or go
                      Way of seeing a flash
                      Way of losing your flesh
                      Snow & rain
                      Lie ─ lay - my - may -
                      Loving way

                      I will never complain,
                      Never show me your pain
                      Loving way
                      Here's a gun for the killer
                      We all may be killers, I say
                      For delay or decay
                      There is no one to blame
                      And claim
                      Game - flame - no name -
                      Loving way

                      I will paint my guitar
                      All lilac and purple
                      I will rush through the backdoor
                      Into silvery world
                      I will enter your glass store
                      In heavy big boots
                      Smash - crash - flash - splash
                      Loving way

                      You may say anything
                      You may take it and sing -
                      It's a song
                      Once I dreamt of two rivals
                      Trying to fight for a girl
                      The mistake was the lake
                      Both naked in bright summer day
                      Oh, and water is hard to be cruel and smash
                      Only flash - splash - slow - blow
                      Loving way

                      I Hate Little Girls
                      Pretty little girls are running around
                      Wearing beads, changing hats, laughing so loud
                       I hate little girls
                       I hate them so
                       I hate little girls
                       Yeah yeah yeah yeah
                      Stealing my chocolates
                      Eager to sing
                      They want you so badly
                      They want everything
                      Won't you like
                      To see the little bitch
                      To grab my mike
                      And scream without a pitch
                      They drink one beer together
                      And cry for more
                      They love each other so -
                      Oh, I hate them so
                      Too clumsy to dance
                      Too young to drink
                      They want my friends
                      They want everything
                      They kiss me on the cheek
                      Want to make me glad
                      They are five in my toilet
                      A dozen in my bed
                      Chorus (2 times)
                      I Was Always With My People
                      'I was always with my people
                      To share my people's destiny',
                      My father quoted a famous Russian poet
                      Paying twice as much as it used to be
                      Standing in a queue to buy his bread
                      Troubled by the doubled price
                      They eat and sleep - I eat and sleep
                      They cry and weep - I cry and weep
                      They scrape and save - I scrape and save
                      They rage and rave - I rage and rave
                      'I was always with my people
                      Where my people unfortunately was'
                      Jesus Christ - believe I'm serious
                      Don't you tell me I'm too late
                      Overseas it's so mysterious
                      I'm afraid to emigrate
                      They always feed me here for nothing
                      I'm afraid I'll never make it there
                      No Italians no Estonians
                      Trans-Siberian's such a bore
                      Poor old women selling onions
                      Dirty old men so loud to snore
                      You better shut your mouth
                      Nothing to discuss
                      Nothing to put in