Podcast from Oregon #2

Here in Episode 9 of The MastanMusic Hour,
we bring you a more intimate and stripped down
live session with Umka's frontwoman, Anna Gerasimova,
and lead guitarist, Boris Kannunikov.
Umka ("a smart girl who's like a little bear")
was a nickname given to Anna Gerasimova
in 1986 during the Soviet hippie revival.
Twenty years, 400 songs,
and around twenty self-released recordings later,
Umka has evolved under different names (Bronevichok, Bronevik, and Bro)
and on indie label Otdelenie Vykhod, promoting the themes of friendship
and poetry in songwriting evocative of rock and folk of the 60s and 70s.
They've played around the world, from Siberia to Oregon,
all for the grand purpose of rockin' out. Their philosophy is simple;
 in Anna's words: "We've got no managers, no promoters, no producers,
 no press agents, no radio play, just plenty of friends all over the world,
who are eager to help."

Download http://vault.mastanmusic.com/website/mmh/MMHour_009_pt2.mp3