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Fwd: a time for peace-joint meditation

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> Subject: a time for peace-joint meditation
> Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 17:35:15 +0200 (MEST)
> Dear friends, 
> Let us make a chain of peace- in our prayers, in our meditation, in our thoughts. Let us send love to those people in America who suffer and also to those people that express their hopelessness through the actions we all deplore. They also need our love. Let us see that what happens on our planet as an opportunity for us all to grow, to show that we want peace and harmony and a bigger awareness in all things. I will take 15 to 30 minutes tonight with the people in the house where I live to sit together and meditate or pray or visualize peace and light and love for our planet.  We will start at 22h15  Swiss time. (GMT 21h15)
> Let us do this every day and maybe add, whenever possible, to also join our energy at 7 am and at noon, again swiss time. Of course every other time is good, but it is said that to do it at the same time, multiplies the energy. I heard from another initiative where somebody suggested that people all over the world meditate for a little while at 4.44 pm their own time, so that there would be a wave of permanent meditation for the good outcome of this event. Let us make a positive flow of energy and see how the darkness can be transformed into light. Let us send energy to those people who can talk to bigger crowds , let us spread this message of  solidarity amongst our friends, let us send love to the people who have to make decisions, let us pray for help from all the positive forces in the universe. 
> love & light
> mich
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