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Re: "Umka - Current info" has changed

Приветствую Вас letters,

Saturday, September 09, 2000, 10:00:42 AM, Вы писали:

mnc> Mind-it, your FREE personalized tracking service from NetMind,
mnc> has detected changes in:
mnc> "Umka - Current info"

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mnc> http://mindit.netmind.com/go/10001/25397452/9752036/186/1

mnc> Your description of this page:
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mnc>  (text changed)

mnc> Simplify your next get together with Evite.  Evite takes care
mnc> of all of your party planning needs, including online invitations,
mnc> maps and directions, local listings for restaurants in your area
mnc> and more.  Visit:
mnc> http://mindit.netmind.com/go/20002/9752036/93/1

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Народ! А в какой кодировке читать эту страницу? у меня бред полный

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