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Re[3]: Аск

Hello Dmitry,

четверг, 22 февраля 2001 г., you wrote:

D> А про _buggers_ нужно бы спросить людей, знающих какой-нибудь
D> староанглийский. Тогда у слова мог быть совсем другой спектр значений.

Староанглийский не знаю, но (см. историю значения [1]):

bug-ger [1]  (bug'uhr, boog'-)  n., v. <-gered, -ger-ing.>
                  1.  Informal. a fellow or lad (used 
                       affectionately or abusively): a cute 
                       little bugger.
                  2.  Informal. any object or thing.
                  3.  Often Vulgar. a sodomite.
                  4.  Chiefly Brit. Slang.
                       a.  a despicable or contemptible person, 
                            esp. a man.
                       b.  an annoying or troublesome thing.
                  5.  Often Vulgar. to sodomize.
                  6.  Slang. to damn.
                  7.  Chiefly Brit. Slang. to cause problems 
                       for, esp. by tricking or deceiving.
                  8.  <bugger off> Chiefly Brit. Slang. BUG 1 
                       (def. 11).
             [1300-50; ME bougre < AF bugre < ML Bulgarus 
             heretic, lit., Bulgarian, by assoc. of the Balkans 
             with heretical sects such as the Bogomils and 
             their alleged sexual practices]
     bug-ger [2]  (bug'uhr)  n. 
                  1.  a person who installs electronic 
                       eavesdropping devices.

Herzliche Gruesse,