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Привет Dmitry,


DO> Hi expensive(dear) American scouts. Is admired with yours
DO> By feats, especially in a serial X-files and about Jams of a Bond. You are
DO> cool!
DO> Well here, I write on such business. On the businesses I communicate much
DO> with
DO> By the Chechen gangsters. Here, and one from them has told me on a secret,
DO> that on
DO> The  business Bin Laden is now hidden on basis(!on the basis of) " of the
DO> grey wolves ", somewhere
DO> Near Ankara. It can and false, but to check up costs(stands), yes? And that
DO> To it(him) to do(make) in Pakistan, there bombs all time, and hot water
DO> Is not present.
DO> Well while.
DO> Your anonymous friend.

DO> It is accepted to pay PS By the Way, for similar services.
DO> "

DO> :)))

DO> PS Кое что в нечитаемой кодировке я заменил руками, остальное - стилус...

Стилус? Это еще лучше. Пусть поломают голову.

Тим О'Ги